Iago’s Soliloquy

The following passage is adapted from the works of Shakespeare, particularly the play Othello. What is next presented is a soliloquy of Iago that transpired between the end of Act 4 to Act 5 of the play. Note that I am not taking any rights in this, or the works of Shakespeare — I am merely a great fan of his work, and have been inspired to illustrate Iago through my interpretation of the play, and portray him in an unseen light. Thanks for understanding, and all respect goes to Shakespeare.

(Somewhere between Act 4 and Act 5)

Enter Iago

IAGO: What bloody deeds thy bloody hands create;

Thy thick, black hands

Of once a soldier stained

With the unchaste blood of thy Desdemona.

Oh heaven witness this impending murder — Commence it!

For I but only a mere speaker

Had done nothing wrong but the

Impure thoughts, circulating my mind and

Hurting my soul.

Never had I killed no undeserved man.

Never had I slept unlawfully with any but dearest Emilia.

For if a virtueless soul was I, God give me

The punishment I deserve! But no.

Nothing wrong had I done compared to

none but Othello.

Merely had I implanted a seed that

shalt grow in the mind of one hapless soul.

Merely had I nourished thee with the truthful

Honest advice that had been given free.

For tonight’s the night t’is poisonous seed

Shalt blossom, Ha! Let thy harvest be mine!

For what’s done; oh, t’is done!

Dost Neptune’s oceans rinse and nourish

Thy hapless soul for t’is the blade of thee stained with

the unchaste blood of thy whore. Nothing wrong had I done.

Hark! I hear thee summons.

T’is the sound of death,

undulating down as its momentus crescents as

For many a time these chaste stars light,

Flint and stone let t’is bloody deed ignite.


~ by 11leec2 on February 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Iago’s Soliloquy”

    Nice one btw

  2. I’m going to translate this into the Thu’um some day, remind me

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